The 6th European symposium on Rare Anaemias – 21/22 November 2015

21 and 22th of November 2015 was a special weekend for people with Pyruvate Kinase Deficiëncy. For the first time there was a symposium on Rare Anaemias that had a focus on Pyruvate Kinase Deficiëncy. For this occasion there where allot of people with this disease invited to participate.

Professionals from around Europe and America where invited to share the developments that are now in progress, such as new treatments,  new learned knowledge about the illness and its side-effects and the care for patiënts in the hospital.  Beside all the professionals Maaike Eijgenraam was invited to tell the professionals the perspective of the patiënts.

All in all the conference was place buzzing with new ideas and it was clear that the interest of professionals (doctors, pharmaceutical industries and scientist) where more and more focussed on PKD.

The presentation can now be seen online.

Written presentations and summaries :





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