6th European symposium on rare anaemias

We are happy to inform you about the 6th European Symposium on Rare Anaemias, organized by ENERCA (the European Network for Rare and Congenital Anaemias), that will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands,  on 21th and 22th november 2015.

This symposium will also be the 1st Dutch-Belgian meeting for patients and health professionals in Amsterdam. Through interactive sessions between patients and worldwide experts, this event will create a perfect atmosphere for brainstorming and sharing doubts among the attendants.

This year, there will be a special focus on Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency, dealing intensively with prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management. Through a plenary session, experts such as Dr. Richard van Wijk (University Medical Center, Utrecht), Dr. Sam Agresta (Agios Pharmaceuticals) and Dr. Rachael Grace (Boston Children’s Hospital), will introduce us to PKD, present the results and an overview of the trial for the activator treatment (Phase I and II) and the PKD Natural History Study.

Participation is free for patients and relatives.
Dutch & English simultaneous interpretation will be available for the whole event.

For more info and registration, we refer to the Leaflet of the 6th european symposium on rare anaemias and the Enerca website.

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